“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”

-Kofi Annan

Women Development Programs


Women Development Programs(WDP) are dedicated to supporting a higher representation of female leadership.
Focused on developing leadership capability, enabling career progression and assisting women to effectively manage the opposing challenges of career and life. Philosopher’s Stone has become a highly regarded provider of leadership education for women.


Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP)

Do you have a great business idea? Possibly you are thinking about starting your own business. If you are a woman, you may be feeling hesitant about taking those first, all-important steps toward starting your own business. At the same time, you must have read about the challenges of being a female entrepreneur.
The fact is, though times have changed and while many of these challenges still exist, definitely there are advantages to being a woman entrepreneur. Having an understanding of the advantages and courses available to you can help you transition more smoothly into the entrepreneurial role and recognize the opportunities that exist.

WEP is committed to women by providing them the tools to become successful entrepreneurs. The detailed course curriculum enables participants to learn business-savvy skills which will turn their ideas or businesses into successful ventures.

Women interested in starting their own business
  • Learn key skills —finance, design thinking, strategy, marketing, leadership, storytelling, and culture—through lectures and by working on a hands-on project during the program
  • Identify and overcome the challenges established by start-ups when trying to innovate
  • Build a strong network of peers with whom you can interact and exchange ideas
1 month

Women Leadership Program(WLP)

Retaining talented women in corporations is more critical than ever. Research has shown that women leaders are good for business. Companies with the highest representation of women in leadership roles show better financial performance.

Creating an environment where women can succeed is vital. Workplaces that provide various developmental initiatives and opportunities to exhibit talent can help create an environment in which women are prepared and encouraged to rise to leadership.

WLP works with organisations/individuals to design and deliver exclusively tailored development offerings in-line with specific organisational needs.
Whether your aim is to bring a group of female leaders together for an energising strategy session or develop a long term development and mentoring program, WLP’s facilitators and content designers are on hand to work with you in tailoring a program exclusively for your employees or yourself.

• High-potential talent as identified by their organizations
• New mid-level and senior-level managers leading teams with direct reports
  • Create, motivate, and lead more effectively local, global, and virtual teams
  • Develop strategies for building high-performance teams and eliminate obstacles to effective teamwork
  • Learn techniques to influence individuals and groups
As per TNI

Personal Branding

We create images for ourselves each day without realizing it. Whether it’s what we wear, how we act, or what we put on social media. This creates an interpretation of who we are to others. That is why it’s vital to create a personal brand that represents how you want to be seen, professionally or personally.

This program will guide you through the key steps of personal brand building and importantly, show you exactly how to build your expert brand. Whether you are looking to assert yourself as an expert, pivot your career or simply stand out, this program will help you to define and design your personal brand.

Entrepreneurs, executives, job seekers, sales professionals, speakers – anyone who wants to standout
  • Have a clear idea of your own Personal Brand
  • Gain an understanding of your personal impact and natural leadership style
  • Be aware of your personal beliefs, values and rules and it’s impact at your workplace and personal life
  • Learn how to influence and communicate in a way that serves your personal brand
  • Learn techniques that can be used in networking situations
3 Days

Systematic Housewife

The meals, the kids, the housework, unplanned meetings! The only way to stay sane is to get organized. Remember, the goal of organizing isn’t to make your house look good; it’s to make your life more functional. So create an organized foundation for all the roles you play. Learn about the small steps and simple habits that can help you tackle your hectic life.

This program introduces you to efficient ways to break up the household chores into a daily agenda. A daily agenda can also work to encourage children with the housework, keep family members accountable and create a balanced routine.

Working mom, stay at home mom, working professional or bachelor.
  • Setting a good example for your kids and those around you
  • Plan to have more time for yourself and quality time for your family and friends
  • Learn to reduce the clutter around
  • Eliminate unnecessary purchases
  • Look good by increasing your happiness quotient
3 Days

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Women Entrepreneurship Program brought in a completely new perspective in terms of growing my business. The extensive curriculum helped me to dive deeper into my existing strategies and identify new ways of marketing and presenting my services.
Jai Kelkar, Director, JST Jaie & Kala Akruti.
I am passionate about cooking and exploring new recipes across the world. I came across this program and was not too sure initially. I am glad I enrolled myself not just to learn about how to start my own business but to also realize that continuous learning is the path to success and self-satisfaction. One of the most simple, practical and easy to implement program.
Latika Jain, Housewife