“When children learn how to take responsibility of their own actions, they also learn how to respect others standpoint for taking certain actions. “

-Deepali Nair

Parenting Workshop


All parents want their children to be successful and happy. Research studies have shown that every parent can help their child do well in school. You don’t have to understand trigonometry or buy expensive gifts to make them happy. Your parenting practices and the relationship you build with your child, their friends and their school will help your child succeed. Our workshops and counselling sessions focus on proven practices that can benefit your family, with tips to help you get started, and questions to help you find more information along the way.

This program is designed to give parents, grandparents and other caregivers ideas that will improve their child’s potential for success. These concepts will also help create a joyful family life and positive connections between parents and children, parents and parents & parents and their children’s schools.

  • Program available in different formats
    • Workshop
    • One on One Coaching
    • Online Coaching
  • Free membership to Parent Club
  • Network with other parents to understand how they deal with challenges differently
  • Ask questions in a setting which is non-judgmental and gain resources from trainers
  • Understand why certain problems arise and if what you are experiencing is normal or requires a professional opinion
  • Learn ways to identify child’s capabilities and nurture the same
  • Guide single parents to renew their parenting skills and learn how to restructure their families
  • Learn how to help your children deal with stressful situations
  • Develop communities of parents that will support one another in both skill development and successful parent action for children
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My daughter had attended the Creative thinking & Public Speaking workshop with Philosopher’s Stone. One thing which was distinct was that she would be excited to go for her classes. The methods they use to train students is simple still unique. I would recommend their programs to all parents, purely because of their passion for grooming children to be future leaders.
Pallavi Wajpe, Parent.