This Independence Day was celebrated by Philosopher’s stone with citizens who matter the most to the country – Its young leaders of tomorrow. We decided to let our kids become the ministers of the parliament for a day!

We proposed a marathon parliament session where our young leaders would don the hat of various ministers and discuss ” Their contribution towards our country’s development”. All the Young Leaders came up with ideas which was connected to the grass root levels and reiterated the fact that a strong foundation needs to be created first on which the dream of a developed India would come into reality. Surprisingly the ideas that came about reflected all the correct words we use in our corporate life

  • Pooling resources
  • Team work
  • Optimization of resources
  • Outsourcing
  • Leading by example
  • Identification of Milestones
  • Goal Orientation

And many more. The only difference was that these words were just not casually thrown around to make their pitch sound more important. These words instead could be derived out of the examples they shared and situations they discussed. The Opposition Leaders not to be left behind came up with pointed questions and rebuttal to the Young Ministers. You would think that convincing a bunch of 10 year olds would be easy? Well think again. Not easy to be swayed they asked questions like –

  • How are you going to fund these ideas?
  • Leaders have been telling us for many years that they will do this and that. How will you make sure that what you are saying actually happens?

One of my favourite questions was when one of the Opposition Leaders asked the Minister of Arts that if people are not interested in Art then what will he do? The answer amazed me when the Young Leader replied that every person has one interest or the other. If he/she is not interested in Arts maybe they will be interested in Robotics. He will ask his colleague, the Minister of Science and Technology to teach that particular child about robotics and in turn make him a scientist who would then contribute to making India a developed country. The clarity of thought amazed me and also showed that we need to work in a team if we really want to achieve a goal that is extra ordinary. The individual victories are only a part of the bigger picture and would not matter in the end if the goal is not accomplished.

All I can say is that if we identify and nourish this behaviour which comes so naturally to these young leaders then we would be doing the greatest service to this nation and the future of our country is really in very good hands. More power to all our young leaders!!