“Effective school leaders contribute to learning in a meaningful way, by creating a school environment where students and teachers can flourish, and by influencing the many stakeholders who are a part of it.”

Educators’ Initiative


Gone are the days when schools could afford to stick only to teaching syllabus. With the passing of each generation, as the students are continuously evolving the educators need to evolve at the same pace. For a generation bred on google and continuous technology upgradation, it becomes paramount that the knowledge providers converse in the same language.


School Leadership Program(SLP)

Change is the only constant. Modern times have ensured that schools need to adapt to the changing needs of the society. But is this change limited only to the curriculum? When we extend this change to the way the school is run and managed, that is when we distinguish between a winning school and an ‘also ran’ school. Corporates have always resorted to Consultants to fix or provide solutions to what ails them. Now it’s time that we extend the same philosophy to schools.

School leadership can be a powerful driver of improved education outcomes. Activities designed to improve school leadership demonstrate positive impact on student and teacher outcomes, thereby measuring the effectiveness of different interventions.

  • Prepare a sustainable road map with the school management
  • Identify milestones along the way
  • Identify key areas of improvement
  • Create buy-ins to the activities identified to drive success
  • Drive 100% clarity for every person on how they will
  • Hold periodic reviews
  • Broadcast / Communicate / Celebrate Success

Teachers Development Program(TDP)

Demanding Agenda for teachers.
Changes in the demand for skills have profound implications for the competencies which teachers themselves need to acquire to effectively teach 21 century skills to their students. A generation ago, teaching a fixed syllabus of content was at the center of education in most countries. Today, where individuals can access content on search engines, where routine rule based knowledge is being digitized, teachers need to enable people to become lifelong learners, to manage complex ways of working that computers cannot take over easily. The past was curriculum centered, the present is learner centered, which means that education systems increasingly need to identify how individuals learn differently and foster new forms of educational provision that take learning to the learner and allow individuals to learn in the ways that are most conducive to their progress. In short, the kind of education needed today requires teachers to be high-level knowledge mediators who constantly advance their own professional knowledge as well as that of their profession.

It is critical for teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to learn from each other. Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom and more. The best professional development is ongoing, experiential, collaborative, connected and derived from working with students and understanding their culture
  • Learn the best practices across the world
  • Identify delivery methodologies
  • Importance of continuous self-learning and development
  • Develop impactful presentation skills
  • Engaging parents effectively

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I just go for one class apart from school and that is Philosopher’s Stone. I completely love coming to this place as we learn while having a lot of fun. My confidence improved and I realized it when I made a solo performance on stage and participated and presented my thoughts and ideas for IIMUN 2016.
Maanya Shah,YLP student
Philosopher’s Stone is an institute that nurtures and nourishes the young and raw minds under the expertise, guidance, training, love and concern of one of the most matured and patient mentors – Ms. Deepali Nair, somebody like whom I have never come across before. By the use of her motivating gestures and actions, she succeeds in bringing out the best potential of every child and makes a child to believe that he/ she is excellent at what he/ she has been doing or wants to do. Her gentleness gives every child the comfort of fearlessly expressing his / her thoughts. One thing that I can surely and confidently say here is that Ms .Deepali, with the kind of immense knowledge that she has, would bring about an evolution of many young leaders.
Thank you ma’am for being such a wonderful guide for my son. You truly are a blessing in disguise 🙂
Purvi Shah, Parent of YLP student.
My daughter had attended the Creative thinking & Public Speaking workshop with Philosopher’s Stone. One thing which was distinct was that she would be excited to go for her classes. The methods they use to train students is simple still unique. I would recommend their programs to all parents, purely because of their passion for grooming children to be future leaders.
Pallavi Wajpe, Parent