“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”

-President John F. Kennedy

Corporate Leadership Program


Few companies see sustained benefits from training employees. Making the benefits of training last is the aspiration of every organization.

Training programs generate greater value for organizations when the curriculum reflects key business performance metrics. This will help to test real-world outcomes.

The growth of an organization is directly proportional to the number of leaders they employ. You cant recruit leaders all the time, most of the times you will need to create them.


Train the Trainer (TTT)

Learn and get trained by Philosopher’s Stone to conduct your own training programs effectively. Our expertise come by working with some of the best minds in the business. We have been the first choice for providing training solutions to quite a few world class organizations.

Philosopher’s Stone knows exactly what makes a trainer transition from being good to being the best. We have well defined processes, structure and patterns which will help you find that secret ingredient.

Anybody who wants to reach a level of mastery in the Training field
  • Mapping client/learner needs
  • Develop effective content
  • Understand different learning styles
  • Identify your Training style
  • Learn creative delivery methodologies
  • Create Post Training Evaluations
  • Calculate Training ROI
5 Days

Leadership Development Program(LDP)

It is no secret that business performance is directly connected to the development of leadership capability. Only the organizations that invest in developing their people as effective leaders and managers create a sustainable advantage in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. With global competition, more and more companies have started investing in a pipeline of executives which can take varied management roles and steer the companies forward. Our Leadership Development Program aims at partnering with such companies in this process by equipping up and coming managers with a holistic understanding of not just the global marketplace but also their own internal organization.Thus encompassing their entire scope of work.Our Leadership Development program is tailored to hone your skill sets and help you develop your unique leadership style.

An exhaustive learning experience, LDP is tailor made to transform you both personally and professionally. The aim is to help you develop a unique leadership style that not only inspires interdepartmental collaboration, but also empowers you to become a growth agent for your company.

  • Gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style
  • Improve team performance by leveraging your role and your team members roles
  • Develop solid working relationships with senior leaders
  • Learn to organize your thinking and successfully implement your plans
  • Enjoy a dynamic culture of peer camaraderie and support
Customized as per Training Needs

Other Programs

Discover our other programs where the emphasis is on the returns that you get out of them.Our programs are designed to provide you with actionable tools for leading through organizational change to negotiation of strategies. The programs aim at providing you with the insights into what makes an exceptional leader. You will explore complex issues such as self-reflection, self-awareness, team dynamics and simultaneously acquire skills to build teams, attract talent, and lead others to successful goals. You will return to your organization with the knowledge and skill set to mobilize your team around a shared vision.

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I just go for one class apart from school and that is Philosopher’s Stone. I completely love coming to this place as we learn while having a lot of fun. My confidence improved and I realized it when I made a solo performance on stage and participated and presented my thoughts and ideas for IIMUN 2016.
Maanya Shah,YLP student
Philosopher’s Stone is an institute that nurtures and nourishes the young and raw minds under the expertise, guidance, training, love and concern of one of the most matured and patient mentors – Ms. Deepali Nair, somebody like whom I have never come across before. By the use of her motivating gestures and actions, she succeeds in bringing out the best potential of every child and makes a child to believe that he/ she is excellent at what he/ she has been doing or wants to do. Her gentleness gives every child the comfort of fearlessly expressing his / her thoughts. One thing that I can surely and confidently say here is that Ms .Deepali, with the kind of immense knowledge that she has, would bring about an evolution of many young leaders.
Thank you ma’am for being such a wonderful guide for my son. You truly are a blessing in disguise 🙂
Purvi Shah, Parent of YLP student.
My daughter had attended the Creative thinking & Public Speaking workshop with Philosopher’s Stone. One thing which was distinct was that she would be excited to go for her classes. The methods they use to train students is simple still unique. I would recommend their programs to all parents, purely because of their passion for grooming children to be future leaders.
Pallavi Wajpe, Parent