About Us


Philosopher’s Stone is a Training and Consulting firm that strengthens individuals, teams and organizations by giving them simple and practical solutions which are customized to match their needs. We use our passion for people development to help children, professionals and organizations attain fluency and learn to work with sophistication at any age and stage.

Our Philosophy

Our singular focus is to partner with participants and work compulsively towards their personal success.

At Philosopher’s Stone we are totally committed to:

  • Being respectful and courteous to clients of all ages
  • Providing the required support and guidance at all times
  • Maintaining high standards of our 4-step methodology
  • Being responsive and fun to work with
  • Being prompt
  • Continually finding new ways to facilitate learning

Our Focus

We ensure that our participants practice:

  • Self Awareness and Self Reliance
  • High levels of engagement
  • Listening and Understanding others
  • Emotional Intelligence

In their personal, professional and social lives.

Our wide range of programs leaves a good space for choice and customization.

Our detailed methodology ensures that measurements are running simultaneously on our way to sustainable change.